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Everybody wants to remain positive all the time.Do you ever want think negatively?Never,right!but,however positive you are,sometimes or the other,negativity creeps in & you tend to think negatively.Especially,if someone insulted you in the past
or if you failed miserably in some project.The thoughts of these incidences would never spare you.The complete incidence would be  repeated  again & again like a movie in your mind.You would feel the impact of all the five senses in that scene.The harsh words,the slap on your face,the sounds thus created,the tears in your eyes etc.etc.would be so vivid that it would be very difficult to get rid of stream of negative thoughts once it sets in your mind.

Is it possible to break this stream?Is it possible to convert the stream of negative thoughts into the stream of  positive thoughts?

There is a sutra in Yog Darshan of Maharishi Patanjali
“vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam”    (2/33,yog darshan)
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This states that whenever you have a negative thought or rather a chain of negative thoughts in your mind ,immediately start thinking of its opposite positive thoughts.Suppose,you are  watching a mental movie with dialogues again & again with a lot of action replays and these scenes create a  sense of hatred in your mind for a particular person,what should you do in such a situation?According to Maharishi Patanjali ,you should start thinking loving thoughts for that person.Love thoughts(positive) are opposite of hatred thoughts(negative).
Aren’t they?so,if you force your mind to think love thoughts for that person,the chain of negativity can be broken.Seems difficult?yes ,it does seem,but give it a try & this wonderful sutra will drag you out of negativity.

Let’s take another instance,”you have failed miserably in a project and are watching the replays of a      mental movie depicting each & every wrong step taken by you again & again.”Does this thought pattern block your creativity for the present & the future?What should be done now?
Right!start thinking the thoughts of courage. Start a mental movie where you see yourself carrying out your activities courageously & confidently & suddenly you will realize that the chain of negativity has broken  and a stream of positive thoughts has started inside your mind.

Once you succeed in the above practice of breaking the chain of negative thinking ,you start wondering how come was that possible which seemed impossible previously.How could i  convert my thought pattern from negative to positive so easily?Then,one fine day  you find the answer which is very well depicted by Maharishi Gautam in Nyaya Darshan  through following sutra.

           “yugpajgyananutpattirmansolingam”(1/16,nyaya darshan)
In this sutra,Maharishi Gautam  tells us a unique characteristic of human mind.He says,”More than one  streams of thought can not be originated in our mind at a single moment”In simpler terms ,our mind can think only one thought at a time.

“Oh!this does not seem practical.”You may quip.”My mind is always cluttered with so many things.So many thoughts are simultaneously running in my mind most of the time “
Were our ancient rishis mistaken?No,they were not.through another sutra ,Maharishi Gautam gives us the answer;
                “alatchakravat ashugrahitwad” (image placeholder)

Through this sutra ,he explains that since speed of thoughts is too much(maybe,more than even the speed of light),it seems that too many thoughts are running in our mind simultaneously.In fact,however,only one thought enters our mind at a particular moment,but because of excessive speed of thoughts it seems as if many thoughts are running simultaneosly in our mind.If you rotate a lighted torch,it seems as if there is a circle of fire.But,is it really so?No,it is because of the speed of torch,it seems as if it is a circle of fire.Same is the case with the chains of thoughts in your mind.

So,you are lucky that your mind can think only one thought at a time & this one thought can eighter be positive or negative.And,once the chain of one kind of thoughts sets in, if you purposely think a thought of opposite nature,it is sure that a stream of positive thoughts can be initiated in place of a stream of negative thoughts.                                                                           (image placeholder)
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